Quebec goes to war against puppy mills

In the course of 2008, Quebec discovered with amazement the phenomenon of puppies whose practices have been denounced by animal defense groups and the Canadian media

Disrespectful breeding methods

The puppy mill is characterized by breeding of several dog breeds in bulk , in a place that is not up to standard for this activity (shed, garage...).

The lure of gain governs the person who sets up this type breeding. The dogs are not treated but maintained in deplorable conditions , like this breeding of the Meuse where 38 Bichons were recovered in a deplorable state.

But that will change as the l say two officials from the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ). Laws are intended to improve the life of animals kept in shelters, farms, pound-houses or any other establishment that houses cats and dogs, as reported Cyberpresse .

Strict breeding rules

fresh food without contaminants, temperate drinking water, waterproof dwelling which protects against inclement weather, 'air...

But also a floor that allows the flow of urine and optimized for cleaning, enclosures in which the dog can lie down , and a view on the outside.

Follows rules on the exercise traceability of animals, their state of health... In the lines, the project is ideal. But what about its realization?

Laborious enforcement

Several animal welfare associations regret that the measures do not go further.

Notably with regard to euthanasia : the use of gas chambers will be tolerated while it is highly controversial

Moreover, there is not enough emphasis on sterilization , the best way avoid overpopulation, so the use of euthanasia.

Finally, these associations deplore the lack of means made available to enforce this new regulation. Not enough inspectors, and fines still insufficiently dissuasive .