Purchasing a puppy: formalities and papers

It's decided you'll take the plunge and buy a puppy? Follow all these steps in order to be in good standing!

Certificate or Certificate of Sale Required

For any puppy purchase , Certificate or Certificate of Sale and, above all, check if all the necessary information is noted. This is the only document that will allow you to make a claim and denounce the sale of dog in case of dispute or dissatisfaction. You also need to know the guarantees offered by the seller and the remedies available to you in the event of a problem

The sales certificate must be signed by the seller and the buyer. Must be clearly indicated the name of the dog, its tattoo number (it is mandatory that a dog sold or even given is tattooed), his exact race, sex, description (color of the dress, hair, ears, tail...) ), the date of the sale, the date of the delivery of the puppy, the details of the seller and buyer, the price, the method of payment, the use that we want to do the dog (hunting, company, guard...) . This sales contract must be required at the time of purchase and not sent later by the seller.

Your dog's papers

At the time of purchase, the seller will give you many documents, you will speak administrative papers to ask for the confirmation, the projection, etc. These documents are indispensable:

  • The declaration of breeding

It is useful only if you wish to reproduce your dog. You must ask the CCS and return it with the name of the breeding male and female at each projection. This will allow you to obtain a birth certificate for puppies, then have them enter the French Origins Book (LOF) - or breed genealogy book - and obtain a pedigree . This is interesting, even if your dog is only one litter in her life, in order to have puppies that can be confirmed.

  • The birth declaration

She is sent back to you by the SCC when she receives the declaration of projection. It has two components: one is to send back at birth, the other at the time of tattooing or selling puppies. A birth certificate will then be given to you

  • The birth certificate

Asked and sent back to the SCC, it allows to declare puppies to be able to then obtain a pedigree. Puppies are registered provisionally at LOF . Each puppy has his birth certificate. Warning: this is not a pedigree. The dog must, to obtain it, be confirmed.

  • The vaccination book

It is given to you by the salesman but is established by the vet. Are noted in this document (thanks to vignettes) all the vaccinations carried out. Vaccine dates as well as recalls are indicated. The identity of the dog and that of the master are noted.

Note that your puppy must be vaccinated: the first injection of the first vaccination must be done. This means that you must give a second injection at your expense, one month after the first. The animal will be protected fifteen days after the second injection. When sold to you at 2 months, he is vaccinated, but unprotected

  • The certificate of good health

It is required only for the crossing of borders, especially in air transport. It must be written by a veterinarian one week before departure. It certifies that your pet is free from contagious diseases . The veterinarian will perform a consultation following which he will complete this certificate which is international. Before going abroad, consider having your travel companion certify your health.

  • Pedigree

There is often a confusion, maintained by some sellers, between the birth certificate and the pedigree . The latter is obtained following the confirmation of a dog at the age of 12 months during an exhibition. After the confirmation, the dog is permanently registered with the LOF and can be breeder. Pedigree includes pedigree of dog, dog's tattoo number, dress, name, affix and LOF registration number

Does my puppy have to be tattooed?

Yes, this is mandatory for any cat or dog sale. If your dog escapes, you notify the local veterinarians who are in direct contact with the Dog File. All tattooed animals are listed there as well as the contact information of their owner

Where to get the documents?

At the vet :

  • Anti-rabies certificate
  • Certificate of good health
  • Certificate bite
  • certificate of euthanasia
  • vaccination certificate

From the seller:

  • certificate of sale
  • tattoo card
  • birth certificate

From the Central Canine Society:

  • application for pedigree
  • declaration for breeding

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