Puppies born identical twins for the very first time in the world

It was by caesarean section that veterinarians from South Africa recently gave birth for the very first time two puppies from the same placenta

In twenty-six years of work, this is the first time that Dr. Kurt Cramer saw that. While he operated nearly 900 caesarian deliveries each year last July, something incredible happened: with the help of his team, he gave birth to no fewer than seven Irish greyhounds by caesarean section... two of which seemed 'to be developed in the same placenta , reported BBC .

At first, he did not pay attention to this particularity. But after giving back to his owners, he still approached a team of reproductive specialists to confirm what he suspected. "I thought these twins looked a lot alike. But this is often the case in pups of the same litter and they had small differences in the white marks on their paws, their chest and on the tips of their tails ", he said.


Monozygotic puppies... healthy!

Blood samples were taken from both puppies when they were two weeks old. And thanks to these, the experts were able to confirm the hypothesis put forward by veterinary doctor Kurt de Cramer: they shared the same DNA, which made them monozygotic puppies... that is to say, of identical twins .

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This is the first time such a birth - with the survival of small at the key - was observed in scientific environment. Most of the puppies coming out of the same placenta tend to be too weak to survive... but for them, everything is fine: they are now six weeks old and they are like charms!

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