Promote the healing of dogs with aromatherapy

Here is a healing formula for the dog developed by Dr. Pascal Debauche:

3 ml of lavender essential oil vr ae
1 ml of essential oil of rock rose
1 ml of palmarosa essential oil
0,5 ml of essential oil of laurel
0,5 ml of essential oil annual tansy
5 ml of vegetable oil of Hypericum perforatum (St. John's Wort)
2 ml of mother tincture
2 ml of calendula mother tincture
100 g of Dexeryl (1 ml: 30 to 35 ml) drops)

Clean with a spray of 80% lavender hydrolate and 20% chamomile. Then apply the cream on the affected area of ​​the dog, massage to promote impregnation and cover with a bandage compress in the case of a non-occlusive dressing.

Repeat these operations once or twice a day until to healing. If time is lacking, choose the following mixture (express healing formula): Mix a few drops of the following oils:
- Thujanol Thyme Hydrolate (antiseptic, antibacterial)
- Helichryse Hydrolate Italian (anti-hematoma, disinfectant, scarring)
- ladaniferous cystic hydrolate (haemostatic, disinfectant and healing)

In addition to healing essential oils for dogs, I like to use the mother tincture of Centella asiatica . Obtained from the resin of an Indian tree, Gotu Kola, it acts positively at all stages of repair of damaged tissues of the dog (anti-inflammatory, activation of collagen synthesis, etc.). It calms the itchy pains. Prefer a high quality standardized extract to many counterfeits.

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