Profession dog police: a book on dogs like no other

Police dogs regularly make the headlines, always impressed by the incredible flair of these sleuths .

Today, a book is dedicated to them and showcases these unusual doggies.

Profession police dog , its title, was written by someone who knows them very well.

Indeed the author of the book, Richard Marley, is also a divisional commissioner at 36, goldsmiths' wharf .

He is therefore well placed to talk about these special types of animals that help solve numerous criminal cases every year

More than a century of collaboration!

The police soon realized the benefit of using exceptional flair their four-legged friends to pinch criminals. In the 19th century already, Louis Lépine (prefect of police and initiator of the famous contest of inventions that bears his name) inaugurates the first police brigade of France .

It is then two Newfoundland that will constitute the first French police dogs. The dogs, baptized Turkish and Caesar, have a mission to rescue the unfortunate who threw themselves into the Seine in desperation.

Quickly, however, they are called to the rescue of their human colleagues to hunt down gangs of thugs who terrorize Paris

One hundred years later, the police brigade has grown and now 650 dogs assist the police on a daily basis . The gendarmes, meanwhile, train nearly a hundred each year

A dog's life... police

Recruited at 10 months, the animals are trained by handlers to detect drugs, accompany the police during their patrols or assisting in the search for missing persons

Their training is calculated to the millimeter: no question that they bite into a bag of drugs and poison themselves. They are able to detect all kinds of drugs : ecstasy, LSD, cocaine or morphine, nothing resists them.

Some are even champions in their field. Like Pacha, the German Shepherd who seized 16,000 tablets of ecstasy, 3 kilos of cocaine and even a ton of cannabis resin !

To each dog its utility

If these Police dogs are very good at looking for drugs, this is not their only mission. There are several breeds in the dog brigade and each one is useful.

Small Jack Russel or Fox Terrier dogs can infiltrate the smallest hiding places where drug packs are hidden. Cockers are trained to sniff explosive substances and save thousands of lives.

Bigger dogs like German Shepherds or Malinois are on the trail of wanted people, bodies and even fake tickets !

An Exciting Book

In the end, this Police Dog Profession is exciting from start to finish. The author takes his readers behind the scenes of police investigations by giving some interesting anecdotes.

The result is a work that will appeal to both police investigators and admirers these heroic dogs. Without a doubt, a book to have in his library !