Problems with the large intestine of the cat

The cat can present several kinds bowel problems .


constipation This is a absence of defecation

that lasts for several days, with unsuccessful attempts to evacuate (tenesmus rectal), Inappetence and apathy Occasionally, episodes of vomiting may occur. Constipation is usually due either to foreign bodies that obstruct the bowel, or to tumors, or to a stool block agglutinated to

hairballs, especially in long-haired cats. Likewise, psychological factors

such as moving, dirty litter, or bandaging discomfort after surgery, play an important role in the origins of constipation.

Colitis often, but not always, has food

and causes frequent bowel movements, rectal tenesmus, and stool associated with mucus, but the cat's appetite and general condition are intact.

Intestinal tumors Intestinal tumors
are insidious because they have the same symptoms as many other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. There are sometimes clinical manifestations only when the disease is at an advanced stage. In any case, apart from the forms of vomiting and / or diarrhea of ​​food origin which, to be resolved, require in the first 24 hours to abstain from food, then to give small amounts of digestible food and to replace the water with light tea, all the other gastrointestinal diseases

are much more complex A veterinary diagnosis

- which can be verified by laboratory and, if necessary, endoscopic testing - to prescribe a targeted therapy, which is different depending on the cases, and to feed the prognosis of more accurate data.