Probably rabies carrier, a kitten is actively sought

Illegally imported to French soil and possibly rabies, a young cat is - since Thursday - wanted in Nantes . Transmissible to humans, this disease is fatal when the symptoms are manifested. Please do not attempt to capture the animal.

Its "Rabies health status is unknown" , the prefecture of Loire-Atlantique said in a statement press. An announcement following the disappearance of a kitten of two months illegally imported into France and probably carrier of the disease. It could be in the neighborhood of Sainte-Anne (Nantes)

Very rare on the territory (the Hexagon is unscathed since 2001), rabies is a virus that spreads quickly. So that this evil mortal does not settle permanently, so you must be vigilant: do not approach stray animals and be careful to vaccinate his companions.

Do not catch the cat under no pretext

Therefore, inhabitants of Nantes, if you spot a young feline of about 800 grams, one-eyed (he has only his right eye), tiger colored with white hairs on the nose and belly: as cute as it is, do not catch it. A scratch can indeed be enough to contaminate you if ever the animal is carrying the disease. Simply signal your presence to the municipal police (02 40 41 95 30) .

If the kitten is already in your possession do not wait: drop it urgently at the nearest veterinarian from your home.

#URGENT A kitten "of unknown status in regard to the #rage " wanted in the Sainte-Anne district, #Nantes pic.

- Guillaume Frouin (@guillaumefrouin) September 9, 2016

How does rabies manifest?

It should be remembered that rabies is a deadly disease: when the first symptoms appear, it's over. Do not take any unnecessary risk in case you cross a aggressive animal, hydrophobic, having trouble coordinating its movements and salivating excessively...

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