Prisoner of an instrument of torture, this dog was abandoned in a subway station

Cabezoncito was found abandoned in a subway station while strapped to a metal plate.

Improvised wheelchair, or torture instrument ? The story does not say. Little is known about this poor dog, found attached to this object in a subway station in Lima, Peru, by a group of young people. They released him and fed him, but when they came back two weeks later, the dog was still tied in the same place, under the indifferent gaze of passers-by. These young people could not sit idly by. This time, they took the dog and drove it to Sara Moran, a woman who cares for injured and paralyzed animals.

A new life for this dog

Sara Moran then led the dog, nicknamed Cabezoncito, at the vet's. The dog suffered from kidney failure and his spine was in poor condition. He had many wounds and scabs and could not walk. Was it paralyzed before being strapped to this metal plate, which would have been used as a wheelchair? Or was it this instrument that had made him paralyzed? We do not know...

Sara Moran refused to give up. It was out of the question for her to euthanize this poor dog. So, despite a delicate financial situation, she paid for her surgery.

Once Cabezoncito was restored, the small dog was able to benefit from a wheeled cart specially adapted for him can move again. Although he will probably never be able to walk again, he enjoys life today and loves to frolic on the beach. Sociable and affectionate, this doggy courage is a beautiful lesson of life!

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