Prehistory of the cat: the "weird" behaviors of the cat explained

Every week, here is exclusive on an information extracted from the History of the Cat - 100 pages and 100 images that summarize 10,000 years of history, between legend and truth.

Prehistory of the Cat answers daily questions we can ask about his behavior. At the same time, it fights a few misconceptions and prejudices betas.

If the cat sleeps at least 16 hours a day , it is neither laziness nor weakness, but to be always in good shape if you attack it, waking up in a split second, ready to riposte! Let's not forget that the cat is the smallest cat and the most threatened by all predators. He must also protect his offspring, by animal instinct and so that the breed is perpetuated.

If covers his soil excrement or litter with as much care as energy, it is to hide his trace to the ancestral enemy and not for the sake of hygiene! Still, the cat is a cleanse master - a chronicle will be dedicated to this quality.

If bristles its hair to appear larger than life , it is for the same purpose and not for play or wicked malice. Faced with the real or imaginary enemy, confronted with all the other felines or predators in weight, he must "ensure". Question of life and death, in his cat's head

Mission accomplished, for a record time - some 50 million years !

More surprising, the wild cat (born in Africa ) has survived and looks like a (big) brother to our little feline, inheriting the characters of his race and resisting everything. Really very strong, compared to us whose evolution was much later and laborious: hominid passed by the box "great ape", then "homo" three million years ago, "sapiens" 200 000 years ago . Who remembers it today and what lessons do we learn from it?

This prehistoric memory common to all cats in the world raises another question. Why do some people have such bad memories for recent events? A mystery that also applies to humans... not to mention goldfish. But that's another story.

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