Predatory aggression of the cat

stealthy stance adopted by the cat when it exhibits aggression predator is radically different from the "high" and standing position adopted for territorial or sexual aggression. The body of a hunting cat is as close to the ground as possible. He slowly approaches his prey, using all the possible shelters to hide.

The more the cat approaches furtively of its prey, the more it moves slowly. He almost always hesitates for a moment before jumping to attack; only the tip of his tail moves slightly while the body is flattened on the ground. Some cats emit a sound similar to chirp , especially if a window separates them from their prey.

"Playing cat and mouse..."

Usually only two or three jumps to allow the hunter to reach his prey . When the cat attacks a larger animal, he always tries to bite him immediately at the nape of his neck. The cat always makes its rounds of exploration seemingly without any definite purpose, then suddenly, it "feels" the presence of a possible prey and activates itself to chase it.

Once the prey captured, it does not kill it practically never immediately, but he plays with it , shakes it, throws it in the air, leaves it and then takes it back. He seems proud and aware of his superiority: this behavior is at the origin of the expression "play cat and mouse"

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