Possessive, this dog refuses to share "his" volunteer with the other

Recently collected by an Australian shelter, a dog - little sharer - requires the exclusive attention of his savior...

A crisis of jealousy, impossible with our four-legged friends? Well... you are fooling yourself very dear readers of AllCreatureAnimalClinic ! Well, not that much, because talking about jealousy for an animal is an anthropomorphism . However it can be envious or frustrated , much like this dog recently collected by the Australian animal shelter Edgar's Mission .

Sitting on the couch alongside a caring volunteer a cat and a lamb, he did not hesitate to tell him of his displeasure.

This scene is not uncommon in homes that have several animals. And in fact, that's the way they want to pay attention to their humans...
If you are nevertheless embarrassed by this behavior of extreme possessiveness, know that there are natural remedies to overcome

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