Poppy, the oldest cat in the world, died at the age of 24

Less than a month after making its official entry into the record books, Poppy, the cat the oldest in the world, has passed away. The cat was 24 years old, about 114 years old in the human age.

The British cat was seriously injured a few days ago, and last Friday she left, leaving a huge gap behind. she. " We are devastated " confided his mistress Jacqui West. "We knew she was very old, but it's still very difficult."

Poppy died with her family and was buried in the garden, along with other West pets, who had disappeared before her.

Born in 1990, Poppy was adopted by Jacqui and her mother when she was 5 years old. When Jacqui moved to settle with her future husband she took her pussy with her. Poppy was 10 years old. She saw the birth of Joe and Toby, Jacqui's two sons, now aged 11 and 8.

The family now lives surrounded by four other cats, two rabbits and a hamster. And the whole tribe struggles to recover from the disappearance of the one who was until then the queen of the house.

The cats refused to eat all day Friday. "They seemed to be hanging around waiting for Poppy to come home," says Jacqui.

If the West family is very sad, Jacqui is proud that Poppy earned her title as the oldest cat in the world before leaving. The officialization of this record took months, and "it's as if she had willingly waited," she says.