Poll: One year in prison for the cat thrower, your opinion on the verdict

Justice is rarely so fast and severe when it is is to punish those guilty of mistreating animals. But faced with the incredible mobilization of Internet users around the case of the "cat-launcher" , the Criminal Court of Marseille decided to set an example.
Farid Ghilas, alias Farid de la Morlette, was yesterday afternoon one year in prison , with a lifetime ban on owning a pet (see our article).

This verdict was eagerly awaited by the animal protection associations that have lodged a civil claim, such as the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, but also by the tens of thousands of Internet users who have shouted their anger on social networks for four days.

And you, what do you think?

The kitten victim of the cruelty of Farid Ghilas, the little Oscar, 5 months, was found alive, and suffers only a few fractures. He was able to return home very quickly after being treated in a veterinary clinic Marseille.

However, some believe that the sentence imposed on the young man of 24 years is insufficient . Others, on the contrary, point out that much more serious facts are punished much less severely . And you, what do you think?