Police officers rescue a dog stuck in a ditch

At Post Falls, in the United States, police officers never hesitate to prove that their job is not just about arresting criminals. Their role is also to help the citizens... that they have two or four legs!

"People do not realize that a police officer is a jack of all trades; we respond to all kinds of calls for help, "says Scott Haug, chief of police at Post Falls. And they did it again on Monday night by organizing the rescue of a lost dog !

Trapped for more than 24 hours

The animal, a Golden Retriever crusader, was found stuck at the bottom of an irrigation canal in the Falls Park Forest. Lying there, visibly weakened , he had no way out of the ditch, whose walls were high and almost vertical.

So is a team of police , aided by a few firefighters, who helped the poor dog. Two men descended into the ditch, where they hoisted the dog into a basket to get him out of there, before installing him on a stretcher. He was then taken to an ambulance, which transported him as quickly as possible to the veterinary clinic .

Saved barely

The dog was clearly dehydrated < , "says Scott Haug, who knows how heat can cost pets in summer. Once at the veterinary clinic, the dog was examined from head to toe. If he is alive, however, it appears that he suffers from a back injury requiring rehab .

Baptized Bridger ("bridge" means "bridge" in English), the brave doggie is still in care at the veterinary clinic, and its owners have not been found . A priori, the animal would have fallen of itself in the ditch and would be hurt to the point of not being able to leave it any more. As to whether he really lost or was abandoned, the question will remain unanswered until his teachers are found.

One thing is certain, he owes his life to police officers who have not hesitated to travel to help him!