Play with your cat remotely with Kittyo

Who has never dreamed of knowing what cats do in our absence? Or to play with them remotely when they yearn for our presence? If this is your case, know that your wishes could soon come true... At least that is what promises Lee Miller, the American artistic director at the origin of the Kittyo.

A gem of technology

Ce High tech gadget is born of a simple and universal observation: cats are in great need of distraction and exercise , and many are the owners of felines who feel guilty to leave them alone to go to work. Kittyo then proposes an innovative concept: to monitor and interact with your cat remotely through an application for smartphones .

The object itself is relatively simple. Resembling a small coffee machine, the Kittyo is equipped with a camera and speakers to communicate with your cat wherever you are. But above all, it has a laser pointer , remotely controllable, to run your cat to the four corners of the room!

To complete the whole, the object also has a compartment special for distributing treats to your favorite cat when you want. And as the inventors of Kittyo have thought of everything, this small machine that your cat could love to drop from his shelf has a solid means of fixation. An object design and thought for cats so!

A project strongly supported by cat lovers

The Kittyo is unfortunately not yet found in stores or even online. And for good reason, there are only prototypes. If Lee Miller set up this business and designed the object, still has to finance the production . That's why he launched his project on Kickstarter (a crowdfunding platform) for people interested in Kittyo to give him a boost.

This campaign, launched on April 21, has already been a great success, testifying to the public's craze for Kittyo . In fact, in one day over $ 80,000 had already been donated to help finance the Kittyo. A great success, to the point that Lee Miller hopes to be able to deliver the first copies in the month of November

> Discover the video presentation of the Kittyo: