A Pitbull elected mayor of a city

While all our attention is focused on the presidential elections, a small town in Kentucky (United States) comes to organize its municipal elections. And the new mayor... on all fours.

Her name is Brynneth Pawltro in tribute to Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltow, she's a Pitbull and she's... mayor. Specifically, mayor of Rabbith Hash, Kentucky, which still has 300 inhabitants!

A Pitbull Mayor - Facebook @ brynneth.pawltro

Dogs Seeking Power?

C ' is after a great electoral battle that the dog could be democratically elected. His competitor was Bourbon, an Australian Shepherd determined to take power. But thanks to its program advocating tolerance of cats in the city, it is finally Brynneth Pawltro who came first... to the delight of his master, Jordan Bamforth.


In Rabbit Hash, it is customary to make a dog the mayor of the city. It's even a tradition since 1988, when Borneman was the first elected dog. This post is however symbolic: it allows to raise funds (one dollar per newsletter) that can finance the operation of the small town.

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