Pilots of planes, they fly to the rescue of cats and abandoned dogs

Volunteers, aircraft pilots regularly help animal welfare associations to transport cats and dogs without families to areas where the demands of adoption are higher. The goal ? Fight against abusive euthanasia

Wings of Rescue , Pilots N Paws , Dog is My Copilot ... these association names may not speak to you and yet they do great things. In order to prevent the euthanasia of healthy dogs and cats, they have found a way to relieve the refuges: contact them to organize - with pilots of voluntary planes - convoys of animals abandoned to regions where the demand for adoption is higher

And it is thanks to the donations of individuals that these trips are made possible, thus saving the lives of several thousand companions on all fours!

According to the figures of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals published at the end of last year, more than one million American households are separating from their dogs or their cat every year . Abandonments that lead to the euthanasia of 2.7 million animals , recall the aforementioned associations.

Also, when we know that nothing but the Wings of Rescue saved 16000 animals since its creation in 2009 , one understands why these associations and their work are today more than necessary.

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