Pierre Moscovici's cat decided to shade Choupette!

Politicians should more often talk about their pets, following the example of Barack Obama, or Pierre Moscovici!

"He is extremely handsome!"

Yes, we learned yesterday that the Minister of Economy and Finance had a cat. A cat named Hamlet, of which he is not very proud
Invited on the set of Grand Journal , Pierre Moscovci was indeed questioned about his very beautiful Sacred Burma.

" Everyone will agree that he is extremely handsome " he boasted before laughing kindly at Karl Lagerfeld confiding to having " personally chosen the romantic name Hamlet, which is all well worth Choupette .

Hamlet ready to shade Choupette!

The famous stylist has only to behave! Certainly, her pussy Choupette, a white Siamese, is superb. But Hamlet Moscovici has nothing to envy him!

Hamlet when he was still a tiny ball of hair

On September 8, Hamlet celebrated his first birthday . An event that the Minister's companion held to celebrate with dignity, by posing on Twitter a photo of the cat when he was still a kitten. And we must admit that the ball of hair is terribly cute !

Determined to make a feline star of the web, Marie-Charline Pacquot regularly posts clichés of her cat on the social network.

Moscovici fan of Hamlet by LeHuffPost