Pictures of a dog rescued from drowning by helicopter

Last Friday, January 30, an unusual rescue took place on the Los Angeles River , near Burbank, California A helicopter was mobilized to rescue a drowning dog

Carried by very strong currents, the animal struggled for a long time to keep your head out of the water and try to reach the mainland. "The dog was observed to sink and then rise to the surface with great concern. "Every time he disappeared, we feared that he would not go back up," says one of the maverick firefighters to help the animal in distress.

A helicopter rescuer finally managed to get the dog in his arms and take him out of the water to bring him back to the shore.

The dog with a collar but no tattoo or microchip was given to a shelter. Dubbed Lucky (Chance) by its rescuers, the Corgi Crusader Chihuahua is about seven years old. His benefactors hope that he will be reunited with his family as quickly as possible.

The images of this impressive rescue were broadcast by ABC 7 .