Phytotherapy for the joints of the dog

Some plants can significantly help your dog find a good use of its paws. It will be able to frolic again like a little madman

The queen-of-the-meadows

The flowers of this elegant plant, abundant in marshy meadows and along streams, contain an analogue of aspirin . This active substance gives it an anti-inflammatory and analgesic action of interest for the treatment of rheumatism and osteoarthritis. It reduces the intake of analgesics and conventional anti-inflammatory drugs, which, administered in the long term, can alter the digestive function.


Very rich in minerals, this plant widespread in the form of tail horse stimulates the synthesis of collagen. Its high silica content promotes reconstitution of cartilage and fractured bones . It also improves the mobility of old dogs , especially as its diuretic power will invite them to frequent outings! It is also antihemorrhagic . Its ideal complement is lithothamnium, source of calcium.

Other remineralising or analgesic plants

Bamboo, blackcurrant, nettle, thallus (or foot) seaweed, licorice root (anti-inflammatory), willow (back pain) and... harpagophytum (even if the particular physiology of carnivores makes it effi cient random.)