Phone cases and temporary tattoos with the image of your favorite dogs!

This week, the author of the Boxdog blog has thought about dog lovers and has come up with a collection of phone cases and ephemeral tattoos with the effigy of your favorite breeds!

We dogslovers we are always looking for ways to express our great affection for our four-legged loves !

Well here one of the most popular means of expression: the perfect iPhones for geeks but also, for to have our loulou in the skin , temporary tattoos featuring the distinctive silhouettes of your favorite dog breeds .

Steadfast Friends has more than 100!

On & hearts; and you?

Lot of 5 ephemeral tattoos: 10 dollars, or 7 euros
iPhone case: 30 dollars, or 22 euros

St├ęphane Goisset Blogger