Pets, true allies welfare for the French

Every second French household has one animal domestic and cats have, for several years, always more expensive. But whether it is tomcat or doggie, the owners are all looking for the same thing with their companion.

More and more animals are entering French households, especially felines that do not end to seduce the inhabitants of the Hexagon and whose population has continued to increase for 6 years, now numbering 13,478,046 individuals according to the latest survey FACCO / Kantar-TNS 2016 . As revealed in this biennial study conducted by the chamber of association of manufacturers of prepared pet foods, the animal occupies an important place in the household and in the household of owners, it's a dog or a cat

Anti-stress and anti-hassle animals

After the love they bring to these animals, it's the company they provide that teachers cite when asked why they have one. And this trend is on the rise: 79% of dog owners and 73% of cat owners mention this reason today against 75% and 69% in 2014. For both, this companion is also an everyday health ally . One-third believe that their cat helps them to be less stressed and 46% say they need their cat for their well-being. A figure that rises to 51% among dog masters.

Both are also invoked for the development of the child (52% for dogs and 48% for cats) and forgetting the hassle daily . The only difference between the two species, the third reason given by half of the cat owners is the few constraints imposed by this animal, more independent than a dog.

Who are the favorites?

The breeds or cats and dogs are always favored by the French. 27% of doggies are purebred and 8 out of 10 cats are crusaders. The top 3 also remain the same: the Labrador, the Yorkshire Terrier and the Jack Russell Terrier and Siamese, the Persian and Carthusian . A significant increase in sterilization in both felines (81%) and doggies (41%) as well as identification by microchip.

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