PetMatch, an application to find the look-alike of your missing pet

Losing your pet is extremely difficult, and it doesn There is no miracle solution to mourning. Everyone manages it in their own way, sometimes by choosing to adopt another companion to relieve their pain

Find in an instant the animal of their dreams

While some decide to clone their dog to have his look-alike when he will not be there, a new application allows today the owners of animals facing the death of their dog or their cat to find an animal which resembles him.
Baptized PetMatch , it works very simply: just upload a photo of your missing animal (or any other hairball we would like our next companion to look like), and the application does the same. remains, thanks to the facial recognition technology of the company Superfish that developed it.

An application that helps the animals of refuge

"Our highly sophisticated algorithms allow us to analyze each image and provide identical images as real time - without markers and without human intervention "says the firm.
PetMatch searches among the photos of hundreds of animals awaiting adoption those that resemble the most downloaded photo. A search on the PetFinder site, which lists tens of thousands of cats and dogs waiting for their future family in shelters in the United States .

Rest that the animal in question will have beautiful looking like the regretted companion to 4 legs of the family, his character, he may well be totally different...