Peter Dinklage of Game of Thrones gets a very important message to his fans

The actor who plays Tyrion in the phenomenon series got wind of the wave of abandonment of Huskies, adopted too hastily by fans of Game of Thrones, and reacted strongly.

Some series and films popularize specific breeds of animals but like all tendencies, these do not last and After a wave of adoption, mass abandonment followed after the owners had made the personal and financial investment involved in a dog. The shelters had found it a few years after the success of programs The Chihuahuas Berverly Hills or the film The Revenge of a blonde . More recently, it is the saga phenomenon Games of Thrones which would be at the origin of many abandons of Huskies, these doggies which resemble the famous wolves collected by the members of the Stark family.

Stop impulsive adoptions

In recent years, after the beginning of the series, refuges swarm Nymeria, Lady, Summer, Gray Wind, etc., names given to the giant wolves in Game of Thrones and this information, relayed by many media, including AllCreatureAnimalClinic, in the world has not left one of the hero insensitive. Peter Dinklage who plays Tyrion Lannister and owns himself an adorable doggie has partnered to PETA to send a message to his fans through a press release

"To the attention of all the wonderful fans of Game of Thrones : we learned that many people buy huskies because of the immense popularity of canis dirus wolves. This means that thousands of homeless dogs lose their chance to be adopted, and, in addition to that, shelters are full of huskies that have been abandoned - as is often the case when dogs are bought on a whim, without their needs being taken into account, "writes the actor before appealing to everyone's responsibility. "Please, if you greet a dog, be certain to be willing to take on the enormous responsibility, and ALWAYS go to a shelter . Let's hope that his call will be heard.

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