PETA: shock campaign with Pamela Anderson

PETA, an animal rights group fighting for their rights, is back with a new campaign, featuring the sultry Pamela Anderson in an advertisement that dares everything. The body of the Malibu Alert siren is cut out with dotted lines showing the parts of his body, like meat ready to be sliced ​​by a butcher. As a logo, it reads, "All animals have the same body parts."

In Canada, advertising has not been liked at all, and has been censored. The star, traveling to Montreal to present this new vegetarian campaign, was finally unable to attend the event, canceled at the last minute

In a city known for its exotic dances and for its progressive and avant-garde character, it is very sad to see that a woman can not use her body for a political protest over the suffering of cows and poultry. In some parts of the world, women are forced to cover their bodies entirely, what will happen next? I did not think Canada was so Puritan , says Pamela Anderson

A Montreal official explains: " It's not so much its scandalous side, but rather that it goes to against all the principles for which the public organizations fight in the struggle for equality between men and women .

Accustomed to scandalous images, the animal rights association tries every time to attracting the attention of passersby by offering photographs on the edge of censorship. One remembers the advertising where, Stéphanie Pratt posed naked, a rabbit in the hands. Janet Jackson, muse of a brand of fur clothing, would be the new target of the organization. It also reminds us of the unsurpassed campaigns of our national Brigitte Bardot against the abandonment of animals.