Peta denounces abuse in circuses by staging a man beating his cat (Video)

Animal welfare NGO PETA has just released a new video featuring a man in the process to ask his cat to perform a circus number...

At the circus, it is a classic number which has, alas, marked many children: wild animals, perched on a stool, must reach another one in leaping into space, and sometimes even crossing a fiery hoop. It is this trick that this man wanted to reproduce in the video of Peta (fortunately without fire!)

He slaps him

One realizes however that everything does not go as planned: the cat, frightened, refuses to obey . It will finally be necessary that his master strikes him so that the cat is forced to jump... before running away, terrified:

Circus number: the end of this video will surprise you

Reassure yourself: this scene is a montage As realistic as it is, the cat is actually a 3D image. So there is no act of mistreatment here. Still, the images are beautiful and very shocking. It is no coincidence that Peta has chosen a cat for this awareness video: we can only be moved and revolt against this adorable pet who gets slapped. But what about a lion or a tiger?

Abuse is just as intolerable whether it's a domestic cat or a tiger that gets beaten "Says Cyril Ernst, spokesperson for PETA France in a statement. "This video aims to encourage the general public to boycott circuses that use animals and the movies that exploit them. PETA encourages the use of computer-generated animals, to spare a real animal and live the terror of a threat, the pain of a whip and the loneliness of a life spent in a cage.

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