Paul McCartney protests against the exploitation of greyhounds for their blood

As a result of PETA USA's investigation, the world has been able to discover with horror the fate of 150 dogs used in a Texas "blood farm". Scandalized, former Beatles member Paul McCartney wants to help them.

We revealed to you a few days ago the sad fate of 150 Greyhounds who, enclosed in small cages, are used to provide the bank of animal blood Pet Blood Bank. Confined in undeveloped boxes, most dogs are in poor physical or mental health: the video broadcast by PETA shows sick dogs, infected, with broken limbs, and extremely stressed:

After the dissemination of this survey Patterson Veterinary Supply, Inc., a blood products distribution company - which distributes medical equipment, vaccines and pharmaceuticals in France - said it would support efforts to provide care for these dogs. Only a week later, " the company came back on that promise ," PETA said in a statement, "which motivated Paul McCartney to send a letter on behalf of PETA USA asking the parent company of Patterson, a multi-billion dollar company, to help save the dogs."

Paul McCartney's letter

Dear Mr. Wiltz,

I am writing to call you to honor your promise, and to release the dogs that your company has used for their blood for many years, knowing that these 150 dogs - whose condition has drastically degraded and are now held in conditions that are far from ideal - have served your business, costing them their health and well-being

I have lived with dogs since my childhood and have loved them all, including Martha who has lived with me for about 15 years and for who I wrote the song "Martha, my dear." I'm sure you know that dogs need affection and comfort - a bed in which to sleep, warmth in winter, the ability to run and play, and like you and me, they are thirsty for happiness and companionship.

I join with my friends at PETA to ask you to give a semblance of life to these greyhounds , and to free them from the atrocious conditions in which they are confined isolated and alone, some shuddering at the sound of the steps of the person who comes to take their blood again and again. They had a difficult life on the racetrack, and they will die without love if they are left where they are. I've seen pictures of how they are suffering because of their claws that have pushed into their pads, as well as their infected gums and rotten teeth, and I've been told that some of them have apparently died of a lack of water.

People at large heart, professional associations taking charge of greyhounds, stand ready to place these dogs in homes and to carry there without charge. Please make the right decision and win the support of all kind veterinarians and good souls from all over the world.

I am waiting for your response.


Sir Paul McCartney

What will happen to these dogs?

After the PETA survey was released, more than 110,000 people asked Patterson's use its resources to support the lifelong care of these exploited dogs. A mobile billboard also appeared in front of the corporate headquarters in Minnesota.

However, while the investigation is continuing, the last elements do not seem favorable to the dogs, still prisoners: no sign of abuse or negligence would have been found by the local security forces . Let's hope that this action by Paul McCartney will help change the situation...

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