Pat Doody and Party Cat, the biker and the abandoned cat who roam the United States on motorcycles

At the age of 32, Pat Doody found the ideal companion a few weeks ago. He does not wear a leather jacket like him, or a beard or cap. But he loves adventure! His name: Party Cat! Yes, it's a cat, an adorable red haired ball that has suffered a lot of pain before being saved by its unexpected guardian angel ...

Pat, a great motorcycle enthusiast discovered the kitten at a gas station while making a road trip between Nevada and New Jersey.
The poor animal was covered in burns and uttered desperate meowing when the one was going to become his human laid eyes on him. Pat Doody then took the kitten with him, hid it under his jacket and continued his journey across the country while taking care of his little protégé.

Little by little the cat burns healed , and he keeps only a small task on his lip, Pat told the site Revzilla . " I've never met a cat so quiet " he says

The biker christened his cat Party Cat, and it's snuggled against his chest or perched on his shoulders that the feline has lived alongside him all sorts of adventures followed by his many admirers on the Pat Doody Tumblr.

Back home in New Jersey, Pat took his mate to a veterinarian and after making sure everything was fine, made him visit his house. There they flow happy days... before taking the road!