Passionate about rodents, a student opens her own shelter to save

Sensitive to the animal cause, a young woman has chosen to engage in favor of smaller pets: lagomorphs such as rabbits and rodents . For two years now, she has been collecting them, caring for them and helping them find a home thanks to her Isère refuge.

It was in May 2014 that the adventure of Big Ears began. Mi refuge, mi boarding school, the structure has the peculiarities to accommodate only rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs etc... and to have been created by a very young lady 14 years old at the time . "It all started when my cousin left me two rabbits she did not want anymore. Then a neighbor dropped me another, abandoned, to find him a host family. Since my parents had an unused room, I decided to create a shelter , "testified Chloe in the columns of Closer

A volunteer commitment

If all It was not easy, the young woman gave herself the means to succeed her pretty project. "In the beginning, I used my pocket money , then I set up" Caddies operations "in supermarkets, to collect pellets and litter. Every year, at the Christmas market, with the help of volunteers, we organize events, raffles and hold a refreshment booth to raise funds."

In addition, currently a student of Terminal Management-Administration, she organizes herself a maximum in order to be able to take care every day of his little proteges. She has little free time and a lot of homework, but no matter, as soon as she leaves school, she goes several hours a day to feed them, to treat them and to clean their cage

A growing popularity

On average, Chloé deals daily with 30 small boarders . "Most of the time, people put them in boxes in front of the shelter gate. The pound also brings me, often animals found in the street, "she told the magazine. But it does not do that!

In order to sensitize the greatest number of people to the cause and to make known its activity, the young woman shares video tutos made by her care on the networks social. Through these, she gives valuable tips to take care of the hairballs. It also offers workshops every first Wednesday and Saturday of each month during which children aged 7 to 13 are given the chance to learn how to take care of animals.

Great Ears Refuge

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