Passed a hair of death because of the snow, an adorable kitten conquers his fear! (Video of the day)

Saved just before this year, Lazarus the kitten frozen by the the biting cold of winter was quickly put back on legs. And it was thanks to his new family that he was able to conquer his greatest fear: the snow...

Remember, the story unfolded during Thanksgiving: a family party having fun in the snow discovered the small, lifeless body of a kitten, frozen by the cold. After giving herself body and soul to save her life as you have probably seen in the video of her rescue, it has succeeded and decided to adopt it. And if the now named Lazarus is out of danger, it is alongside his new family that after the fight for life, he wanted to win the fight against fear.

"I was nervous to reintroduce it in the snow but he was still sitting behind the door trying to get out. Finally one evening I let him go exploring while watching him and he loved it! ", indeed entrusted Branden Bingham, one of the tomcat's heroes, to the site Love Meow .

No doubt, this little miraculate seems determined to live life at 100 per hour. Do not hesitate to follow his adventures on Facebook and Instagram !

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