Paralyzed, a dog finds the use of its paws!

Paralyzed hind legs during the tornado which devastated the Missouri last month, a dog Cocker has just recovered the use of his paws.

He had been found by his masters in the septic tank of their home...

Masters desperate to find their dog

After the tornado , the Sugar masters, the young cocker spaniel, never stopped searching their faithful companion.

While the searches undertaken in the middle of the debris of the house and the call to witnesses launched via the social network Facebook had not given anything until now... Sugar finally was found a few days later paralyzed in the bottom of a septic tank

The miracle was immediately transferred to the emergencies vet from the University of Missouri

I called to find out if they could do anything for him... They told me to get him as soon as possible Says the

cocker spanner were not irreversible

since his paws reacted to pain. Immediately after this, Sugar was operated It took him two weeks

to recover from his surgery and finally to move his legs rear By means of electrical stimulation and hydrotherapy session , the atrophied muscles of Sugar have redeveloped, giving the


the opportunity to walk from Missouri have been trying to rebuild since Catastrophe

, this event gives them balm to the heart . While we were all > traumatized and

depressed , this miracle gives a reason to smile to our neighbors , explains the master of Sugar At the university where he was treated, Sugar is now known as the white wolf . Each intern knows his small weaknesses for apples

and popcorn ! He will have left to students the imperishable memory