Paradise for Cat or Bad Neighborhood?

Some people consider the stray animals to be benefactors, others as bad neighbors...

Longview, in the United States, the case of Kathy and her son is a debate. In their garden they built a cat shelter with their own hands and welcome abandoned or born animals

22 , the number of cats who find rest and a little love in Kathy's refuge. Yes, but here it is, it does not please the whole neighborhood. If for some Kathy passes for the Good Samaritan , a number of her neighbors complain nuisance caused by her cats .

Lack of hygiene, bad odors that seep into neighbors, wandering and droppings in adjoining gardens... so many complaints that the neighborhood brings to Kathy.

But the municipality does not limit the number of cats per household so the neighbors n have no recourse... if not to push for to change the law .

Kathy for her part confesses not to understand the reproaches of her neighbors. His cats are clean, they have everything you need to eat, drink, and what to play. She has already been visited by an inspector who has found out by herself that her animals are clean, vaccinated and neutered or neutered.

If the law concerning the limitation of the number of cats per household was changing, Kathy would be forced to obtain a Animal Shelter License . She says, " That's what I chose to do with the money I have and the life I left. All this belongs to cats.