Pamela Anderson saves Brigitte Bardot

certainly ask if this title is a joke? Well, not quite. If it's not about Brigitte Bardot herself, Pamela Anderson has saved a little Brigitte from a certain death by adopting orphan dogs after the oil spill in the United States

The sulphurous actress does not just have a dream body, she has also a very big heart. As the standard bearer of PETA, the star did not stand discover more than 50 dogs abandoned by their masters after the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in the United States. Neither one nor two, Pamela Anderson adopts two, which she affectionately names Bardot and Gina Lollobrigida, in honor of the two actresses.

The oil spill resulted in many job losses , making the adoption of even harder animals.

" My son hoped that we could take 50 " says the star, holding his two new Chihuahuas crossed. " People can no longer afford to feed their families, and the family members they choose to drop are

Humane Society from Louisiana , the equivalent of our SPA, now seeks to adopt new abandoned dogs.