Paf the dog: soon 4 million players on Facebook

Beast and villain . This is how we could describe the game Paf the dog which is a hit on the community platform Facebook .

The principle is simple: you are a man in front of a dog to the clumsy air sprawled on the ground. Use your mouse to give a kick to the kitty flying in the air at the speed of a rocket on takeoff (unless you miss your shot).

A counter displays how far the dog is flying, how fast and how many meters he has traveled. The goal of the game is to go as far as possible .

To travel more distance you may have the "chance" to bounce on a pool, unless your progress is stopped by a wall. And so the dog!

Of a disconcerting simplicity therefore, but especially absolutely not innovative . For the fans of this kind of games, it reminds strongly Yeti sports which is in all respects the same... except that you are a Yeti and you launch a penguin.

So why type in a dog and not in a balloon? For buzz simply Adictiz , the company behind the game, is a recent company that needs to make itself known to find new customers. And it works, it is now crumbling under the solicitations.

When one asks his creator if the game is not of a doubtful ethics, he replies that "there is no bad intention, moreover when the dog takes off, there is no blood... The SPA has not yet intervened! ". Let's see!

Finally, we want to say that there is nothing to whip a cat , and that the game Paf the dog does not really break not 3 paws to a duck... And you, what do you think?