Our pets live older (and better!)

Like humans, pets tend to live older . And it's exactly for the same reasons that we are: they are better fed, better cared for, and especially more and more pampered!

A Labrador who generally has an average life expectancy of 13 years can easily live up to 17 years or over . As for cats, it is not unusual to see them pass the bar of 20 years. We can thank the progress of medicine, the talent of veterinarians, and most brands of industrial food for such results.

The secret of longevity

To increase the longevity of his companion, specialists recommend that make sure to have a thin animal . Second important point: the year . A dog that does 20 to 30 minutes of walking a day reduces the risk of illness in half!

Avoid sources of stress is also an element of longevity in our animal friends. Finally, and this seems obvious, the care and medications represent a lot in the longer life of dogs, cats, rodents and other NACs. Finally, these are the same tips that we repeat daily!

And the champions of longevity are... rabbits! They were given 10 years of maximum life expectancy, they can now reach 14 years. Hamsters, Indian pigs, ferrets and chinchillas are also concerned. In the "human age", they would often be centenarians.

Longevity: the other side of the coin

Like us, pets suffer from new diseases, linked to their old age. Cataracts, advanced cancers, or other diseases that affect the mobility of the animal are now the daily lives of veterinarians

Another calamity that spreads in dogs and cats mainly: Obesity . One in three dogs is overweight, and cats are following the same trend... From there to saying that animals are more and more like us, there is only one step.

Some specialists go as far as prescribe antidepressants to dogs to calm their anxieties or stress. More recently, these are drugs to extend the life expectancy of the dog.

It should be remembered that in nature, animals die much earlier, and rarely from natural causes.