Orphans, these kittens were brought back to life by an unexpected "mom"

Delivered to themselves in the streets of Mexico, three small cats were collected by a shelter. But it is to a bitch that they owe their salvation: by feeding them like a mother, she saved them and allowed them to find a home.

The volunteers of the Coco's Animal Welfare did not give much of their skin: without their mother, this trio of young domestic felines was going to die. They were all very small and fragile. But to give them a chance to survive, they had an idea and tried it all: they placed with one of their boarders , depressed since it was 'had more his little ones, tells Love Meow .

Between Esperanza and the babies, the current is gone right away. Since the dog saw them, her behavior changed: whereas she was only a shadow of herself for some time, it is devoted that she took care of

Scope Day after day, she fed, groomed and taught them life

at her best. Thanks to all these good care, the kittens grew up without missing anything until they weaned themselves.

Then when they were old enough to leave, they were quickly adopted. The protector mother of the family was thus found again alone.

But not long! After finding a little hope with her adopted children, the dog has also found love in a family determined to fill it.

Happy, she is now missing nothing and savor every little happiness of his new life You are also happy with a cat or a dog since you adopted it in a shelter? Tell her story in "Happy Adopted"