Organic accessories for your dog

Here is a small selection of ecological dog accessories that the can be found on specialized websites

Organic dog toys

squeaky bones hand-crafted with organic cotton, soft for your dog's mouth

<100% organic wool ball and without dyeing that can be nice for dogs who have lost teeth, have gum problems or any other reason to avoid hard surface bullets

The full range Kong in natural rubber resistant without being too hard under the tooth. The classic Kong, available in several sizes, is a must have! He bounces in an unpredictable way, awakening the player and hunter instinct of all dogs. It can be filled with small treats or paste (a Kiri for example!) Time for a break. Under the same brand: dental Kong with its rope in pure cotton threads that cleans teeth , the bone Kong...

stuffed toys in the shape of animals , made from of untreated and dyed fibers from natural plant and mineral extracts, which are more suitable for small and medium-sized non-destructive dogs

chew toy and hand-pulled , made of braided cotton, without dyeing.

Nylabone Durable : Chewable product, recommended by veterinarians, that lasts a long time and is designed for dogs that chew with strength. A chew toy Luffa , a fully edible and natural cucurbitaceae species that allows dogs with weak jaws to clean their teeth while having fun.

There are also gnawing bone of different shapes and sizes for puppy and dog, free of antioxidants to "enhance" appearance or taste. Containing only natural fats and vitamins E and C, these gnawing bones are tasty and healthy. The use of subcutaneous beef skin connective tissue as a base material provides the dog with prolonged, enjoyable and useful chewing pleasure. By scouring the teeth, it fights against dental plaque

Collars and leashes organic for dogs

biodegradable bags , made of corn starch and vegetable oil, and containing no PE (polyethylene), which turn into humus with their contents in two months. Permeable, they allow an aerobiological decomposition (composter) and prevent odors that emerge. To be mixed with compost with Cynelit, a composting activator speci fi c in dog waste (Polytrans)

dog collars 100% natural fibers made of bamboo, hemp, tinted and tanned vegetable leather without metals heavy. The buckle is guaranteed nickel free.

An adjustable harness woven in 100% natural bamboo fiber

Different types of dog leashes eco-friendly: in 100% natural bamboo fibers, in natural fibers of hemp, vegetable leather.

Organic accessories for the home

A rug made from recycled, soft, durable, machine washable material that offers a cozy and warm rest area for your dog a cotton cover 100% organic fleece, versatile, soft, non-toxic and machine washable. The animal can sleep on it or in it and one can even insert a pillow there for more comfort.

A anti-parasitic pillow Bili with aromatic plants (allows to insert a refill of anti-parasitic plants parasitic). A mattress, cushions, baskets and baskets for dogs 100% natural: the fabric used is 100% cotton and padding, in kapok, a very soft natural fiber. Pettex bowls made of heavy, stainless steel. The bottom of the bowl is equipped with a molded rubber ring, which stabilizes the bowl on the floor and eliminates any noise of friction.

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