Order the Wufbox and Miaoubox from the previous months, it's possible!

You probably know the Woofbox and the Miaoubox, the gift box with 5 to 6 products for your dog or your cat delivered directly to you.
The contents of this famous box? Toys, treats, accessories and cleaning products for your protégé, all at a price well below the unit price generally charged.

Missed a Box? Order it!

Having had great success with its members, the team has decided to put back on sale a limited edition of the boxes of the last months for the greatest pleasure of all!
Not yet subscribed, you like the contents of one of these boxes but you could not order it? Already subscribed, your pet loved one of these boxes and you want to receive it again? Find the box in Click here !

There's something for everyone

For dogs

- The Woofbox of May is under the sign of innovation with the Dog Lips Ancon, a funny plush toy in the shape of a mouth for the biggest dogs and the rope toy Anka for the dental hygiene of your dog.

The Woufox of the month of May

- In April , the well-being of your dog was in the center of attention. The Vermi'Chien Véthéo will help your dog maintain good intestinal comfort while the Anka pig will surely become your pet's best friend.
- In March , candies are in the spotlight for the biggest treat of your pet. The stuffed polecat will give him the impression that he has caught a real prey!
- February was an opportunity to enter the world of the comics Boule & Bill! The little oasis will allow you to always leave some water to your dog, perfect for this end of summer!
To find these limited editions Woufbox rendez-vous here.

And for cats

- With the Miaoubox of July , your cat will be able to cope without worry at the end of the summer! The Trixie brush and comb will help you remove hair that may be too hot for your cat when the Pudding Gimpet, a tasty treat made with light milk, will cool it in the event of a heat stroke.

The Miaoubox of the month of July

- Innovation is at the heart of box May ! Find the Vitakraft Dinner for One Day, a completely new concept of nutrition or the Ancol Kitty Long Legs, an interactive toy with long legs!

- Wellness is the theme of the Mars Miaoubox . Discover the Anka Pastel Toy, whose texture excites the paws of your cat. As for the Europet anti-flea comb, it detects the parasites that would hide on it.
To find these limited editions Miaoubox Appointment here .
As for the subscriptions, the boxes are in limited edition, there will certainly not be for everyone ! If you also want to join the community, you can subscribe with or without commitment (monthly, 6 or 12 months) on the sites of Woufbox and Miaoubox .