Operation #PerleNoire: your dark-haired animals are in the limelight

Some prejudices have decidedly hard to disappear... This is the case for example of the syndrome of the black dog, which are victims animals with dark coat . Judged on their physique, these animals often attract little sympathy. They are found in large numbers in shelters, where they remain on average twice as long as their more colorful counterparts

Fight against discrimination

Fortunately, this phenomenon progressively gains visibility from the general public. And that thanks to the initiatives of many animal friends, eager to change mentalities and to undo those prejudices that are the victims of dark-skinned animals. In the United States, for example, black dogs have recently been the subject of a superb series of photographs.

But France is no exception either! And for proof, for five years Wanimo is associated with the association Second Chance for a project worthily called "Black Pearls" . The owners are called to show off their dark-haired companions to show that they too deserve the love of a family.

Be proud of your "black pearl"!

The principle could not be simpler: you have to arm yourself with your camera or your phone and take the most beautiful selfie of your black-haired pet! Then just post photos before May 31 on social networks, with the hashtag #PerleNoire, then the picture is found on the Pinterest of the operation .

And in case where the optics of a good action would not be enough to motivate owners to participate, Wanimo and Second Chance also offer a draw of three free photos to the first 900 people to send a photo of their black animal. And already with more than 200 photos online, the operation "Black Pearl" already seems to meet some success among Internet users.

> All the information on the operation #PerleNoire on the Second chance site .