Open Days at the SPA: 9000 animals to be adopted this weekend!

Thousands of animals are waiting for a family. Come and meet them on October 7 and 8 in the 64 shelters and SPA Homes!

9000, it is the sad number of animals who are waiting for an adoption to start a new life. This weekend, the Society for the Protection of Animals invites you to meet them on the occasion of its Open Days , everywhere in France

« A call for solidarity for adoption is essential after the summer period which still causes far too many dropouts, at a level as close to the sad record reached in 2016, "said Natacha Harry, volunteer president of the SPA. "The goal of these days is to educate the public about responsible adoption, a long-term and well-considered commitment that requires all material and emotional conditions to be met," she adds.

An adoption is not a decision to take lightly!

Indeed, if the adoption of an animal is a beautiful act of love, it must however be the result of a reflection: do you have enough time to devote to your future animal? Will you be able to support himself? What solutions do you plan for the holidays? So many questions to ask you before adopting! To help you in this process, you can also use the Adopt-Me Facebook page, to find out whether or not you are ready to welcome a new member in your family .

And for find a shelter near you or the animal that may soon reach your home, go to the Adopte app me as well as in our Adoption section !

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