On appeal, a man who mistreated his dog sees his aggravated sentence

In September 2015, a man was tried in Marseille for violently beating his dog. A year later, the Court of Appeal decided to increase his sentence.

A year ago, the 30 Million Friends Foundation was warned of a case of severe abuse: a dog named Ivory, American Staffordshire terrier, was filmed by a neighbor being beaten by her master: kicks, punches and slaps were the daily life of this poor bitch of 15 months who lived tied on a balcony, a choke collar around of the neck.

Two more months of prison

Thanks to the report of this neighbor who filmed these acts of mistreatment , the Foundation 30 Millions of Friends and the police could intervene quickly. The bitch had been taken care of by the association while the man, immediately arrested, had been sentenced to six months of suspended sentence and two years of probation. The Marseilles Criminal Court also banned him for life from holding an animal.

But finally, more than a year after the events, the Court of Appeal of Marseilles increased this sentence: the man was sentenced to eight months suspended sentence instead of six. Other sentences have also been confirmed.

Ivory, for one, is doing well. She was definitely adopted by the family who had welcomed her after her rescue. She is never beaten again and has the freedom to let off steam in the open air, far from the balcony on which she spent the first months of her life.

From now on, Ivory is happy with her new masters - © DR

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