Aged dog: maintenance and hygiene

is an animal routine, very attached to his little routine. He usually suffers a lot of the changes that are imposed on him. So change his

habits as little as possible. He must give up the outdoor races which may aggravate possible cardiac, circulatory, respiratory or kidney disorders and cause his death. When you take him

walk (always brief) keep him on a leash Be sure to give your old dog digest food

. If he is in good physical condition, there is no reason to change his diet. The number of meals will remain the same, make an effort on quality, that's all. You can use good quality canned foods. And remember, it's better if your old mate is lean rather than obese

. During old age, the body loses calcium. It is therefore more important than ever to give your aging dog a formula containing phosphorus, mineral salts and vitamins. If he has a habit of nibbling treats

outside meals and obesity is not watching him, do not deprive him of this pleasure.