2016 Olympic Games: the excuses of the athlete Pierre-Ambroise Bosse... to his cat

Far from being disappointed after clinching fourth place in the 800m final of the 2016 Olympic Games, the Frenchman Pierre-Ambroise Bosse went all likewise cracked a funny statement... about his cat!

He did not give up anything and until the end gave everything. French half-breeder Pierre-Ambroise Bosse ran relentlessly. If he saw the silver medal in the 800m final, he finally won "only" fourth place in the competition. However, all is well under the sun of Rio: in sportsman, far from falling down, it is with much humility that he admitted to having given the best of himself and leaving without regret... but not that !

Interviewed by Nelson Monfort, the athlete wanted to get a message to his adorable ball of hair. And for good reason, he did not want the latter to be disappointed with his master's performance: "I would like to say a word to my cat. I know you were hoping better. You told me to make a medal, I did not do it, I'm sorry. That's what you'll do. You'll get off this couch. You'll go to the fridge, open the door. You're going to open a beer and drink it dry for me. "

If with that the feline does not forgive him...

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