Offer croquettes to Spanish Martyrs' Greyhounds

Used for hunting parties or errands, thousands of Galgo Sighthounds are abandoned each year, of abuse and torture in Spain

Thousands of dogs martyred and sacrificed

Some of these martyred dogs are luckier than others. Saved by an association, they are taken to shelters that try to give them a second chance by finding them a loving home.

The organization Greyhound without Borders (LSF) in favor of these animals, who are promised certain death. It organizes the repatriation in France of dogs, and their placement in host families, then in their final adopters.

But the ultimate goal of this association is to no longer need to exist , to no longer have dogs to save, by obtaining a law prohibiting the practice of hunting with greyhounds , as well as the closing of commercial cynodromes in activity.

LSF counts to date 550 members , 15 host families, 30 regional delegates and many volunteers, all united around the same fight against the sacrifice of thousands of dogs that when not hanged because they "dishonored" their masters, are beaten and abandoned without any mercy

The commitment of Animo-shop

The association can also count on the support of the online shop Animo-shop , which throughout the year is committed to selling cheap croquettes adapted to the needs of these dogs : the Nutrivia sensitive dog or the Paradisio Croc pro .

The sign invites you to come and help the Spanish Martyrs' Greyhounds by offering bags of croquettes to shelters that welcome them before their repatriation, and unfortunately sadly lacking means. Animo-shop takes care of the delivery of each bag.

To know more about the martyrdom of the Spanish greyhounds and the actions of LSF, go to the website of the association .