Obie, the obese dog that moves the web

Obie is the name of a young dachshund whose adventures have fascinated internet users for a few days. If this dog moves the web , it's because it weighs 35 kilos . Almost unable to move, and forced to wear a kind of harness to maintain his belly, he has recently been subjected to a draconian regime .

Abandoned to his plight by his masters

After having over-fed him for 5 years, Obie's masters, obviously unkind to his well-being and overwhelmed by their own mistakes, dropped . But the poor dog was lucky in his misfortune: that of being adopted by a new family.

Very touched by the sad fate of the animal, and well aware that his health was in danger , his new masters are more than determined to help him. They hope to reach to make him lose 17 kilos
Very involved, they created a page Facebook on which they invite the Net surfers to follow his regime and the numerous exercises that they make him do it on a daily basis.

Obie, "a role model for anyone wishing to lose weight "?

Obie could not have found a family that could better save him. his new mistress, Nora Vanetta , is a veterinarian. She has taken love for the poor animal , and is absolutely delighted to have collected it. " It's a pleasure to be with him every day, in fact, his old master could not say no ," she explains.

Nora can not wait to see all his efforts bear fruit, and to be able to take Obie wander , simply. Later, she intends to run it! " I hope he will become a role model for all those who want to lose weight, including human beings ," she says.

Good luck to Obie and Nora!