Cat's obesity: what if we stop the treats?

When we love , we do not matter ! But unfortunately it is sometimes wrong. Cat owners tend to spoil their four-legged companions too much, at the risk of endangering their health...

This is particularly the case in Great Britain, where, according to a survey conducted by the association Cats Protection , almost a quarter of cats (23%) are overweight

Too many treats

And yet, their masters continue to give them treats... far too many treats.

The study was conducted among 1120 cat owners, and found that 70% of those with a slight weight problem, or severe obesity, receive less than once a week a delicacy from their master gaga. Nearly 3 out of 10 cats "very or slightly overweight", feast every day a candy.

Food not suitable for cats

In addition, this study tells us that the vast majority of British cats , whether or not they are too big, are entitled to a special meal for Christmas . A meal that is not at all suitable for them, since it is often made up of human food.

"The survey showed that overweight cats in Britain continue to receive too many treats. mainly because of love, habit or desire to give their cat the feeling of being a full member of the family, but overweight cats are subject to a high risk of diabetes and arthritis "says Maggie Roberts, Director of the Association's Veterinary Services.

" The survey also shows that cats eat milk, chocolate and cheese. foods can make cats very sick, many of them can not digest products containing cow's milk, and chocolate containing a compound that can be toxic to cats . Cats are carnivores strict and must eat certain nutrients that can not be t only in commercially marketed meat or cat food "reminds feline owners.

From time to time giving a treat to a four-legged friend is not dangerous, provided that this food is specially designed for cats , and that the caloric intake of other meals is reduced accordingly

Some tips to lose weight to your cat

S ' it is strongly advised to ask for help from your veterinarian if you are overweight or obese, you can start by following some basic rules (and stick to it!). Among them:

- Give your cat a diet adapted to your needs and age , and reduce its portions

- Avoid treats , especially those that are not specially prepared for cats

- Do not give in to Minou begging. By dint of ignoring it, he will not get bored!

- Make exercise daily, playing with him for example

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