Obese and miserable, this cat found happiness and metamorphosed

For years, Jonesy Alien Slayer has lived unhappy, prostrate in a basement where his only comfort was the food. But one day, a couple offered her a new chance and she discovered love, the real one.

1 meter. That's the distance that, with great difficulty, Jonesy Alien Slayer was able to travel when her family adopted her in July 2013. This 13-year-old red and white cat was so obese (about 11 kg) It was almost impossible for him to move, wash, go to bed and simply stand on his feet. Her hair was so tangled in her belly that it caused constant discomfort.

Dawn Johnson

Unhappy as all

In short, she was in a sorry state and did not seem not happy at all. And for good reason, in her previous home, she had lived recluse in the basement because she was afraid of the dog of the family. Her only comfort was the food so she ate, ate, and ate.

When they saw her, Dawn and her husband knew right away that they needed to help her. They welcomed her home and gently taught her to trust them and to receive all the love they had for him. Little by little, they gave him a taste for life . They first mowed their hair to release it and then began a strict diet with fun exercises to make them want to spend themselves.

An impressive transformation

This formula worked wonderfully well because after 2 years, Jonesy Alien Slayer is not only happier than ever but she has lost half of her weight and loves to move, despite being 17 years old. The power of love!

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