Not knowing that it is filmed, the postman approaches the dog and the video goes around the world

A buzz that has been much talked about.

Some dog breeds have a worse reputation than others. This is often the case for German Shepherds, who are afraid of their impressive stature . But remember, you should never judge a book on its cover...

A Factor in the Big Heart

Michael Collins has been living with his German Shepherd Kyza for several years. And even though many people seem to be suspicious of the doggie and change sidewalk when they meet him, Kyza is actually a big teddy bear who almost never barks and loves the company of others .

But every day at the window, Michael Collins attends a rather astonishing show.

Steve is a mailman in the Michael Collins neighborhood and distributes his mail every day. If at first he was suspicious of Kyza, it did not last very long and both of them quickly set up a real ritual.

Every time Steve brings mail, he take the opportunity to cuddle a little Kyza. But that's not all ! Because even when Steve has no mail to distribute, he takes the time to see Kyza to say hello. Moreover, Kyza approaches as soon as he hears the postman. A beautiful friendship was born

A nice buzz

On Facebook, Michael Collins posted a message and a video of Steve with Kyza. On the post, he very much thanks his postman for being kind to Kyza and always taking the time to get off his bike to give him a hug.

And obviously Michael Collins is not the only one to have been moved by this scene since the video shared on the social network Facebook has more than 6 million views . A very good score.

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