Not a fan of cats, he bequeaths an incredible sum to a shelter!

After living the last years of his life in the company of a dog, a Canadian decided to leave a real fortune to a small shelter he did not have. never visited!

Some people really have a big heart and this is undoubtedly the case of Daryl Mutz, a Vancouver resident who made the crazy decision to bequeath a much of his fortune to a shelter he did not know.

A Surprising Will

It was while talking to a friend living in the Canadian city of New Westminster that Daryl Mutz took the big decision to sleep on his will a small refuge of this city in which he had never set foot. Not very fond of cats, the octogenarian has lived the last years of his life in the company of a dog, and this is perhaps partly the reason for his surprise testament.

To the astonishment of everyone So, it's the New Westminster Animal Refuge that received the incredible sum of $ 275,000 . A welcome sum for this shelter that refuses to practice euthanasia and therefore often faces significant costs.

In his will, the Canadian detailed the way he wanted the money to be spent by the refuge. That's $ 115,000 for the purchase of toys, treats and animal education sessions; $ 55,000 will be used for the sterilization of stray animals and $ 55,000 for heavy care.

Without children, Daryl Mutz also bequeathed money to two funds dedicated to the youngest and another shelter. A good man

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