Norman is in mourning: Sergi his faithful black cat has died

It is on Facebook that the French Youtubeur has formalized the sad news: Sergi his faithful cat is no longer...

He had made his little panther a star of the Web in his image. You remember ? "Having a cat is a real pleasure," he explained in this video. But today, Norman is devastated : after a little over 3 years together, his friend Sergi left him for another world. "It was a gutter cat that I had collected in a neighborhood association (he was already 10 years old) he had a fragile health and the vet said that we could not do much and then one day we found him dead (at the age of 13), "he reveals in a Facebook post full of emotion.

Norman makes videos

It is for his bad manias that the tomcat with black fur had succumbed to the web. Indeed, it meowed a lot, made fun of ultra-sophisticated toys preferring bits of plastic, had a tendency to be an effective morning wake up wrong... but he was also and above all "an outsized personality and a machine cuddly" which the troublemaker could not do . "I cried like a madeleine for 4 days," he admits,"

. Black cats are good luck... like the others!

Losing your little companion means losing a part of yourself : it must be admitted that the latter occupies a full part of our lives. "What is specific is the fusional relationship we have with the animal, it is this very common physical and emotional tissue. Our life is punctuated by the animal: we feed it, we walk it... It is part of a very strong emotional space , devoid of language ", told us about this Dr. Anne Sachsé there a few months.

But if Norman is in pain, he stays strong. At the dawn of next Friday 13, he did not fail to send a message full of tenderness to his beloved cat: "Thank you for everything Sergi, rest in peace, it seems that black cats are bad luck but you only brought me happiness .

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